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One Life To Give
by Rick Blaisdell

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Rick Blaisdell’s new book exists for those who are sincerely looking for hope and purpose in their lives. It is a living testimony of what God can do with a life given to Him in faith. The author’s experiences prove that God opens the door, and makes the seemingly impossible, possible. In addition to the detailed journal entries, which provide vivid details of Rick’s mission trips, the book is comprised of original color photos, maps, countless testimonies of salvation, transformation, miracles and signs, and more.

"...Ultimately this is not a book about Rick Blaisdell, but rather a testament to what God can do through a humble man of giant and unwavering faith even now in the 21st century..." -- Glenn C. Former Hospital Chief Executive Officer

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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
by Vanessa Clark

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Why do you think God created your mind? In Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, author Vanessa Clark explains that the brain is the most mysterious and misunderstood organ in the entire body. It’s the source of our thoughts, our emotions, and memories. Our brain is responsible for whatever conscious efforts we make; the original supercomputer. When a developing fetus is only four weeks old its brain cells form at the rate of a quarter-million per minute. Without a brain to control the body, life wouldn’t be possible. Clark believes that the brain was placed in our heads because it’s the top priority.

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